Social Events

Monthly Activities

Monthly activities in Fayetteville, Nc

At the end of every month, we will engage in a fun activity to serve our community, get to know our fellow KSS members, network, and just have a good time. Event listings will be on the HOME page. *Suggestions for upcoming events are welcome.

KSS Travel Club

Travel domestic and international with KSS Travel Club

Once a year, we're taking cycling "ON THE ROAD". Our first travel group will be heading to Cape Town, South Africa in 2020! A discounted package deal includes lodging with breathtaking views, meals, cycling tours, a cultural experience and so much more! More details to follow.

refresh yourself


After an intense calorie burning workout, stop by the front desk for a refreshing drink and toast to a productive day with your KSS members. CHEERS!

Private Group Spin Parties

Private group spin parties

Interested in having a private spin party with friends and family? Contact Keep Spinning Studios today for more information on hosting your party!